Pentasa suppositories treat ulcerative colitis in the rectum


Pentasa suppository
menu_plus.gifSuppositories, that are inserted into the rectum, are a common way of delivering many medicines, including Pentasa.
menu_plus.gifPentasa suppositories deliver mesalazine directly to the inflamed tissue of the rectum, right where it is needed to calm down inflammation.
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How to use Pentasa suppositories

Pentasa suppositories are normally used at bedtime. Prior to administering the suppository visit the toilet to empty the bowels. The suppository will work better if the bowel is emptied. Administer the suppository as follows: 

li_open.gif Open the foil pack.

li_open.gif Put one of the finger protectors provided on the finger with which you will insert the suppository.

li_open.gif To aid insertion the suppository can be moistened with water prior to use. The suppository must not be lubricated with petroleum jelly, glycerol or oil based lubricants such as baby oil, creams and liquid paraffin.

li_open.gif Insert the suppository gently and fully into the rectum. It may help to do this by lying down on one side and raising the other knee as shown in the diagram


li_open.gif Remain still for a few minutes after insertion to help retain the suppository. If the suppository comes out within 10 minutes, a new one should be inserted.

li_open.gif Dispose of the used finger protector safely and wash your hands.

Always use your medicines as prescribed and seek advice from your doctor, IBD nurse or pharmacist if you need it so you can feel comfortable and confident using Pentasa suppositories. 


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